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                                                                                                                       To:  Premier – minister, Moscow

                                                                                                                             From:  Antony  Zakutin, Sarov

Subject:  Problems of Russian sport

                                                                                                                Date:  1t December 2009

1.       Purpose

The purpose of this report is to comment to the situation in Russian sport, especially football, and to make suggestions for possible improvements.

2.       Influence of illegal money

To begin with, the government must put more serious punishment for so called match-fixing.  It’s dangerous for Russian sport progress to close our eyes to "strange matches”. Football clubs rich owners can pay millions for clubs with little budget and buy the victory. That is why Russian football has lost the spirit of struggle, but has got a lot of money, which isn’t reckoned in the Tax Inspectorate.

3.       Culture of support

Secondly, racism in Russian football assumes ever greater importance for Russian soccer fans. Every match we can see sections of the fans yelling: Russia for the Russians, whereas more than 200 foreign footballers now play in Russia. Russian support is full of insults and obscene language. The authorities must give a kind of incentive to "positively inclined” sectors and cruelly fine hooligans with including banning their future admission to any stadium.

4.       Conclusion

However as far as it can be seen from my point THE MAIN PROBLEM IS that the authorities completely ignore the problems of children's sport, and do it in a permanent manner.

To sum up, we accept the situation with illegal money ruling the results, but suddenly we fell upset when our national team loses (and it happens too regularly). I feel it’s time to reform Russian sport. If the suggestions of this report could be carried out, our country would be in a number of the best sport powers and our sport events would be exciting again.

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1 Yukari  
Sulnrisipgry well-written and informative for a free online article.

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